Referral Partner Program

Experience the Difference

A large part of our success at Camelback Moving is due to the wonderful partnerships with Realtors®, agencies, brokerages and property groups throughout the valley. Now that we’ve redefined the industry and become the top rated local residential moving service in Arizona we want to recognize those who have played an important role in that success. As well, we aim to establish and grow new relationships with the real estate community that may not have had the chance to experience the culture we’ve created at Camelback Moving.


As a VIP Partner to the best moving company in Phoenix, both you and your cliental are welcome to the advantages and offers only available on this exclusive page. You will still receive the same premium services as before, but now have access to lower pricing tiers and promotions not available to the general public. If you haven’t already, we would encourage you to familiarize yourself with our website and especially visit our storage page to view our unique short term storage option for clients that may have a late delay with a closing.


As a client of a VIP Partner, we’ll guide you step by step through the moving process. From your initial call till the red carpet (Actually a polyurethane runner to protect your entry way) is rolled up after delivery, you’ll have access to lower pricing tiers and promotions not available to the general public, the knowledge and expertise of our staff seven days a week, our transparent website that is one stop education in the art of moving and resources/checklists to keep you organized before, during and after your move.

Please use the form below or call (480) 231-0395 to request our referral program enrollment information.