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If you did not select the Full Value Protection plan your items will be valued at 60 cents per pound per item. Exclusions: Furniture composed of particle board or pressboard; Lamps, lampshades, pictures, mirrors, artwork, glass, marble, vases or statues not packed by company, Items found broken in boxes not packed by company; Electronic, audio/visual, computer or battery-operated equipment in transit or storage; Previously damaged or repaired items; Previously damaged or loose veneer; Furniture with the original glue dried out; Any loose items not boxed; Plants (live, artificial, or dried); If one item in a set is damaged, only that one item is covered, not the whole set FULL VALUE PROTECTION up to $10,000 of coverage with a $0 deductible. Carrier will pay for repair, replacement, or cash settlement for claimed item to restore it to the same condition it was in when it was received. Such loss or damage shall be ascertained or estimated according to such actual cash value (which includes proper deduction for depreciation) and shall in no event exceed what it would then cost to repair the same with material of like kind and quality. Local move claims are to be reported within 5 days after the delivery date. Cost for this coverage is $190.